How to Order

How to order

At any stage, during your customization, you can “grab” the image by holding down the left mouse button or keeping your finger on the screen when using a touchscreen device such as a tablet. You can now rotate the image 360 degrees in any direction.

The best way to proceed through the customization process is to proceed through the stages shown at the bottom left of the screen

When you have completed one stage, simply click on the “right” arrow to proceed to the next step in the customization.

The material options for each stage are shown at the top of the screen, and you can click on to experiment with – don’t forget such details as the color of buckles, etc.

At any stage, you can jump straight to a particular part of the item by simply clicking on that part of the image.

On the left of the screen, an option will also appear for “burnishing” if the material currently chosen can be burnished. Likewise, when using a hand-patina process, an option for the intensity of the patina will appear here.

On most models, you will also see some options on the right hand lower corner of the screen. These may include sole options, welt options, monogramming options, buckle shapes, etc.

We hope that you enjoy experimenting with the 3d configurator.
At the end, we have included a final checklist before confirming the order and proceed with the checkout.

Enjoy our Configurator and create your unique style!

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