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Bespoke Shoes and its philosophy, a relationship between the craftsman and the client.

Most companies would not consider producing a single pair of shoes for a client,
but that is the regular business for our Brand.

For thousands of years before the age of large footwear factories with their mechanized processes, shoes were generally "bespoke" – that is, specifically tailored to fit a particular customer’s feet, as well as his or her tastes or application.

The very root of the word bespoke, which was a verb meaning "to speak for something," indicates the close relationship between the craftsman and the client.
Today, other than for medical reasons to accommodate an unusual foot shape, tailor-made shoes usually are viewed as a luxury purchase, and has been called "an interpretation of the customer’s vision".

split toe2
Derby Split Toe Model

A completely personalized service but with a vision to the future

As said, traditionally, a fitting expert would meet with the client and listen carefully to his wishes and needs, discussing and examining each specific request. This step was the prelude to realizing all the following phases, of vision and choice of materials and suggestions for a perfect fit.

All this is now outdated.

The customer sitting comfortably in his armchair can choose the shoe model that best suits his needs on our platform.

He can then choose the materials, colors, and finishes of the selected model as if he had directly in front of him an expert shoemaker ready to let him see every detail.
He can experiment with bold styles and particular combinations of leather and waxing finishes according to the noblest traditions of the footwear industry.

The result will be immediately visible thanks to the renderings of the 3d models available.

And for the most demanding, we will be able to engrave their initials directly on the shoe's heel for a touch of luxury and exclusivity as for collectible watches.

Each of our products is like a good working relationship, based on trust and communication.
A customer often stays with one company for life, sometimes wanting various types of shoes made for different applications or to complete a particular outfit.

What is our pleasure?
Creating "a unique artwork that has the ability to solve problems".

Few things could seem more exclusive than an expensive custom-made pair of shoes, so get yourself a pair for the next big event,
and you are guaranteed to feel fabulous.

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