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Whether you have a store or want to create a corporate identity, whether you have a team or simply want to create a small community or want to become a local reference point for our Brand, we have the right solution for you.

Thanks to the experience gained with made-to-order at Bespoke Shoes, we can provide the best quality craftsmanship and minimum order numbers. For this reason, we have started an affiliate program for Boutique Ambassador to create a global network that shares our vision and passion for details.

Bespoke Shoes affiliate Program.
How it works

Ambassador Boutique Program

Introduction With our brand we provide a versatile production solution, which might be complex to understand at a first glance. These are the key aspects of our production offer:
  • We are able to produce from one single unit (Made-to-Order) to BULK orders (small batches).
  • Our default MTO / BULK styles catalog includes +90 shoe styles and accessories, like Derby Shoes, Sneakers, Chelsea Boots, Slippers, Duffle Bags, Cigar Cases, etc.
  • Each of those +90 base styles can be customized and ordered with a large amount of variables: shoe lasts, materials, sole units, etc. We estimate that +60 Billion different designs can be accomplished using our base offer.
Let us introduce first the available ordering methods and production terms (MOQ, prices, turnaround) and then talk about which are the available styles that you can order from us. BULK (Small Batches) BULK production refers to order batches of 10 or more items per style. That is, ordering the same item / design combination in different sizes, with a MOQ of at least 10+ pairs per batch. This production method enables brands and boutiques to swiftly receive and create their ready-to-wear collections, to sell on their own store or online boutique. We offer a full array of shoe styles for Men and Women: dress shoes, casual shoes, sneakers, slippers, etc. Additionally, we also offer luxury bags styles and small leather goods, as well as accessories like belts.

All these base styles can be customized using the 3D Designing Tool with the available configuration options (different shoe lasts, shoe pieces, materials, finishing, etc). Base styles can be ordered one-by-one (MTO) as well as in BULK (small batches of at least 10 units per style).

Manufacturing Prices

All manufacturing prices are shown in EUROS. Shipping costs are not included. Also, VAT/TAX (if applicable) is excluded.

Manufacturing Time

The average turnaround time for MTO orders is approximately 4 weeks for shoes.

Please, bear in mind that you are purchasing a totally made-to-order pair of shoes, that is, the pair is not produced in advance, every part of it is handcrafted, strictly following your specifications after submitting the order. From start (leather hand cutting) to finish (sole stitching).

Additionally, bear in mind that some extra customizations (ie. having your initials engraved on the heel) and artisan methods (ie. hand made patina finishing) are more time consuming, and might result on extra manufacturing time.

When the order is finished, we will ship it to the provided shipping address. You will receive an email notification with the associated tracking number so you can track the status of the parcel online.

BULK Orders

The average turnaround time for BULK orders is approximately 6 to 8 weeks. Special requirements and specific turnaround times might apply, please contact us.

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